defense+ logging


the defense+ monitors a lot of activites. is it possible to log these, and view them later?
i’m particularly talking about files copied on the hdd and registry modifications

(or if its not possible with comodo, can you suggest me a software, that does this kind of stuff? - free if possible)


Logging is already part of Comodo. There are 2 logs. One for the firewall and another for D+. Please open up Comodo and click on D+\View D+ Events. Your logs will only have something in them if you blocked or modified something.

thanks for the quick answer
i’ve already checked that, but it was way too small
is it possible to set the program to log those events which i allow too?
what do you mean by “modified something”?

I meant if you switch D+ to safe mode then to clean pc mode and etc. What do you want to log D+ or the firewall? For the firewall simply run the stealth port wizard and select the option to “block all in coming connections”. But if your behind a hardware firewall you will not get any logging since your NAT covers all that.

i’d like to know exactly what files are copied to the hdd and what keys are added to (or modified in) the registry when i install or uninstall a software

Not sure how to log all that and I don’t think D+ is capable of that. There is other software which does that but if you put D+ in Clean PC mode you will get a list of pending files to approve which may help you.

i was afraid of this, i just asked if it is possible to log all those stuff with comodo

anyway i’ve found process monitor, which does exactly what i want.
if somebody interested:

thanks, this ashampoo is even better for me