Defense+ log viewing crashes comodo

I never really paid attention to the “proactive defense” section in the summary page. It says I have 1242 files to review (AAARGGH). Whenever I try to open the log file comodo crashes.

IS this a known bug ?
What should I do with all those files ?
Is there a way I can reset everything and restar from scratch ?

It should not crash like that - there must be a problem there. I have had over 2500 files on the Pending Files list and it opened - slow, but it opened. I would suggest that you try the bug fix version or re-install the one you have. Bug fix version is available by responding to:
For future reference, the procedure for clearing the Pending Files list is
Purge (Removes files that are no longer on your hard drive)
Lookup (checks with Comodo’s database for known files)
Submit (Sends unknown files that you want checked to Comodo for analysis - you may want to avoid submitting really large files)
Remove (This just clears the file list - if you are happy that the files on it are ok, then just remove them)

It should not crash … but it crashes. With three hours ago - while running an Avast scanner, I tried review my 6 pending files. At this moment CFP froze. For the first time - since about two weeks from installation. The only temporary solution was restart but next attempts to review had the same effect. Other commands within GUI had been ok.
Then 7 attempts to diagnostic or recover this problem - only the 3rd one reported some kind of recovery. But it didn’t help. Even if the number of pending files increased to 10.
Well, complete reinstallation with the same release solved this problem (thank God there’s a config backup). I’m looking for final release of the new version.

New version installed and problem fixed. Thank you. THe new version also solved a problem I had posted here :

Thank you very much