Defense+ locks the desktop and program menus


When using Defense+ in any mode I am unable to use desktop shortcuts or run any progarms in the Windows start menu. When I click on a desktop icon for example I get the popup error “Windows cannot access the specified Device, Path or File. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”

Anyone else have this problem?

Until I get an answer Defense+ is OFF, of course.


Hi i’m experiencing the same problem!
What kind of security tools do u have?

This is a nasty bug, try Little Mac’s solution here (last post - scroll down a bit).

Oh, now I see - cpf - you have participated in that thread as well. Did LM’s solution work for you?


Hi, I will try it out tomorror and let u guys now if it happens again :slight_smile:


I tried the fixes listed in the other post mentioned. They did not work for me. D+ is disabled once again.

The only other security tools I’m currently using is Avira Antivirus free edition and Windows Defender.


Sorry to hear that Robert. :frowning:
I really hope it’ll get fixed in an update, it’s a serious bug I think.


I have reinstalled CPF 3.0 today and Firewall+D are set to Train With Safe Mode

Image Execution Control Settings is turned on but under the Defense+Settings/Block all the unknown requests if the apllication is closed is disabled and so far everthing looks ok but for how long i dunno :slight_smile: I will keep on restarting pc and let u guys know if D+ fails to work ;D

Update: I see some warning messages in event viewer! When i was running only CPF 3.0 as basic firewall i havent been seeing these warning messages in the event viewer under Application:! see a screenshot below guys

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