Defense+ locking up PC

I just noticed a strange behavior. If I start the PC and leave it without any interaction for more than cca 10 - 15 minutes (I mean I just push the power button and then don’t touch it at all) and after that I initiate some input (click on anything with mouse or press a shortcut on keyboard) the PC completely freezes. It is possible to open CIS GUI, but it immediately freezes too. The mouse pointer is still active (can be moved) but there is no interaction with GUI.
This doesn’t happen if I initiate any input within the first cca 12 minutes (just once is enough), after that I can leave it without any other interaction for how long I want and it won’t freeze anymore.
This also doesn’t happen if I permanently disable Defense+ (just selecting Disabled level is not enough).
The system freezes only upon user initiated input, any automatically launched programs and scheduled jobs continue working even after the first 12 minutes.

Can anyone try to reproduce?

My system:
XP SP3 (Czech)
CIS 3.8.477 without AV (happens with all 3.8 versions)
AV - Avast 4.8.1335
no other resident security programs

you may try this workaround (i suppose “log database” is cfplogdb.sdb).
maybe some useful info you can get here: Czech - Поиск в Google
(ignore “Comodo Firewall in Czech” links)

That’s unrelated, was fixed long ago and it did have different symptoms (I experienced it too, so I know how it behaved then).

I had the same problem and yes even with D+ set to disabled it still did it. I uninstalled COMODO. This is an issue that pops up now and then with versions, so I’llwait for a fix.

I have solved a similar problem by excluding cmdagent.exe from DEP in windows. This could be worth a try.

this is not possible under vista 64 because it does not allow you to set such attributes for x54 executables. at least so it says when i try it.