Defense+ keeps thinking there is malware in the latest flash player 9.0.124

in the log it tells me that the desktop file of install_flash_player.exe is trying to create a process C:\users\name\appdata\local\temp\nstEED2.tmp\nsF191.tmp. when i double clicked it again it said create process c:\users\name\appdata\local\temp\nse711B.tmp\ns71C8.tmp. is it malware or a false positive?

(:WAV) hi lizard777
if you’re not sure, there’s an option to submit suspicious file:
CFP/miscellanous/submit suspicious files

if it’s coming from a trustful source i don’t think it’s a big concern though. D+ warns about all of things especially when you install something new

Its a common alert. You know Flash player is safe so allow it.

so the ns71C8.tmp is not a virus?

Upload it here if your wondering.

I’ve personally had lots of .tmp files that are actually temporary setup files. If the source that you downloaded Flash Player from is really , then it should be safe to allow. The .exe file from flash may have already been in Comodo’s safe list, but how many people have submitted these .tmp files?