Defense+ keeps silent Hunter 3 from running

when not putting sh3.exe into defense+ safe files the application(game) will only show a black screen and the PC would hang. Defense+ didn’t seem to be popping up any message any longer(all had been allowed and remembered previously). The only way to solve this is to reboot the PC by switching the power button.

I decided to flag this occurence here as I think there may be other applications which would make defense+ to hang the entire PC. Maybe it’s worth looking into.

Using COMODO ver 3.8 x64 in Vista.

Try putting D+ into Clean PC mode Mode before the game starts. It will now trust SH and siblings. After the game is over you can set D+ back to a higher level of security again.

Another thing you can try is making all executables and .bat files in the SH folders safe files. Go to D+ → Common tasks → My own safe files ==> Add → browse files → now add all executables and bat files in the SH folders.

Putting the sh3.exe as D+ safe file solved the problem. But I didn’t have this kind of PC hang before with COMODO.

Plus another application of mine Open Falcon also needs to be listed as safe file. Otherwise my PC would hang upon trying to execute the exe.

CIS is a very strong firewall that will flag things other firewalls may not flag. That can be a nuisance with full screen apps like games; you may not see the pop up screen. Hence the tips I gave.

Another way around it is to open Task Manager. Then you may see the CIS pop up show up.

You get what you pay for… strong protection at the expense of some nuisances that can be worked around.

Hanging the computer with default CIS settings is not a nuisance, it’s a serious bug and should be fixed. Otherwise people will just consider CIS to be broken (instead of considering it “strong”) and they will switch to a less broken solution. Either the defaults need to change so that this doesn’t happen to new users who play games or use other fullscreen apps, or the CIS alerts need to cope with full screen so that the computer doesn’t hang. The current workarounds cannot be offered as a permanent solution.

I’ve also stumbled on this problem.

Everytime I start a game or benchmark program that isn’t fully covered by the rules (as set by me previously in CIS 3.5) and it goes to full screen mode, it freezes my system and I can’t do anything else but restart my system via the on/off switch.

I haven’t tried any of the other suggestions posted above, but I didn’t have this issue with CIS 3.5.

I agree with Quiverth that isn’t acceptable behaviour and that should be fixed soon.

I have the same problem, using COMODO v3.8 Vista 32x
Before the update to v3.8 i had never this problem (i played around 30 games).
The first time i played Bioshock Defense + was in Training mod , and i had no problem.
Later i switched to Safe mode , and after starting Bioshock Defense + ask if i will allow acces to the
Interprocess Memory Accesses i klick ok and the scren goes black and the PC would hang.
The same thing happend to KOTOR the first time i tried to play the game , whit Defense + in Safe Mode.

THIS isn’t acceptable behaviour and that should be fixed soon.

Vista x64 CIS v3.8

Same issue. Just about any fullscreen application or game that I haven’t explicitly added as a “My Own Safe File” will lock up the PC with a blackscreen.
While web searching the issue a “fix” was mentioned, having task manager running (allowing you to see the CIS popup). That does not work in all cases.

My real issue other than having to power cycle the machine to regain use…is that it is random. Some fullscreen games lock it up with black screen, some don’t…making it very hard to be proactive and adding the .exe’s and batch files to my safe list in advance. Short of adding every fullscreen app/game’s .exe and batch files to the safelist in advance, I can’t find any other workarounds.

A word to CIS makers… I moved to CIS, trying to find a replacement for AVG antivirus as it was bothersome with it’s 7 active running processes. As a bonus, CIS’s firewall was a nice replacement in a x64 environment for VistaFirewall (not to be mistaken with the native Windows firewall). I really do like this products speed, coverage, and compactness. However, I’m close to having to hang my head and return to AVG or continue my hunt for a different product because of the black screens. I really hope it doesn’t have to come to that.

Vista x64 CIS v3.8

Same issue. Just about any fullscreen application or game that is not fully coverd by Defense + will lock up the PC with a blackscreen.

Even games i played for 20-30 or more houers (CIS 3.5) will lock up the PC with a blackscreen, like Fallout 3
i played the game for 50+ hours (CIS 3.5)

How long do we have to wait for a fix , this is a serious bug that shoud be fixed already !!!