Defense+ Kas v6

is it safe to leave defense+ on if i have kas v6 with webscan disabled?

I’m running CPF3 with Defense+ and Kaspersky Antivirus 7. 0 Fully enabled with Webscan turned on without any problems at all!

On both of my Windows XP Pro SP 2 systems, I am also running CFP and Kaspersky Anti-Virus with Web Anti-Virus enabled (I don’t think it is called Webscan).

I’ve encountered only one issue.

When I use Yahoo! LaunchCast Plus Internet radio, I have to disable “Scan HTTP traffic” for the radio GUI to open properly in its own mini-browser. Otherwise, I receive an “Error 14” message from LaunchCast Plus.

This anomoly is probably very isolated, but disabling “Scan HTTP traffic” provides an effective workaround with no negative impact on streaming radio performance. As for protection, I don’t think this compromises my system as I am behind a Linksys firewall router.