Defense+ is not functioning properly - Vista

I have a new install of Comodo Firewall (firewall only). Immediately upon install, under Summary/System Status, I have the message “The Defense+ is not functioning properly!” It says to run the diagnostics so I did…a few times. It tells me everything is fine. I read some of the other solutions to this but I’m not sure they fit.

I have Vista Home Premium. I got tired of Norton bogging me down, so I uninstalled it and installed Comodo Firewall and Avast! for the rest. I’ve done frequent scans and the scanning after these installs showed no problems. I’m not sure where to go from here. There aren’t that many Vista firewalls that work well, and this was highly recommended so I really want it to work. Thanks.

Have you tried looking at the windows event log, system to see if there is some sort of error there ?
If you say Immediately after install, i assume that’s after the reboot the installer asked for ?