Defense+ is not functioning properly error message in new Windows10 (Build 10240


I had installed Comodo Dragon v 8.20.4591 today on windows 10 (Build 10240). Everything is fine untill i had enabled the HIPS option.

Before enabling the HIPS option things are smooth. But when i restart the system after enabling the HIPS option, upon login the system shutdown without any message. I had tracked this issue is even viewer and found the below message with “BUGCHECKCODE = 0”,

The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

Then I had noticed this error message getting displayed in the COMODO main panel “Defense+ is not functioning properly” and system is at risk.

When i try to fix it, the CIS responded with could not able to fix the issue automatically. Also it generated the error report attached for your reference.

I had created a system restore before enabling the HIPS option. This helped me to revert to the original state where i can able to use CIS without the Defense+ issue and also without system restart issue. But Upon restore the update which i had performed before creating the restore point is missing, hence i need to rerun the update to have the latest signature downloaded again (233 MB).

Could you please advise me on the above issue?

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Latest CIS ( with 'Hotfix for windows 10" fixed my issue. Now I can able to enable HIPS option without any windows restart issue mentioned in the above post.

Thanks for your time and support.

Gopi V