"Defense is Learning"

Hi Every One
Relating to my problems of “Defense is Learning +”

I seemed to have found a simple way to manage to alleviate the problem during my computer startup showing messages = “Defence + is Learning” = [within the Comodo Version 3 program]?
The repetitive popups galore related to =
[1] The AVG Free ]
[2] and other programs I have opened before.
The procedure I followed during the installation of the Comodo was to stop at “Step 7” showing “Install Defence” .
I selected the “Basic Firewall” setup.
Then just allowed the procedure of the Comodo installation letting it continue through its program installation.
Please note!
I have the return of a very fast computer during its startup, and, with no “Display Balloon Messages” showing

No computer problems at all anywhere at the moment with this new version


Hi Colin, you do realise that you have just turned off Defense+ (HIPS - fundamental to security) and left yourself with just a firewall?