"Defense+ is learning" - Inverted (Automatic Global Purge)

The subject should be obvious: I would like Defense+ to learn which rules to remove as they refer to applications no longer available. It could be in the form of an automatic global purge function. Currently, the (non-automatic) purge function doesn’t remove all rules. For example, in the Process Access Rights of any executable, you’ll have to manually remove non-valid rules.

Thank you for putting this function in Defense+, I think it’s needed! People execute installers, uninstall programs etc. and this creates several entries which will be invaild. Some of them can be purged on demand, some will be left until spotted deep down in menus (like Process Access Rights).

Of course the user should have the choice of disabling this function. For example, one may have defined a D+ rule, and then temporarily deletes a program just to replace it with an updated version. In such cases one may wish to keep the rule from being automatically deleted by Defense+.


Yep, but this will create blank entries in the D+ rules instead of deleting them. I’m not sure they’re ever deleted unless you do it manually…


You mean you turned off cfp when deleting the rules in RegSeeker, and then launched it again?


I’m sure when the rules are deleted, the rule count key isn’t modified, so when you had X number of rules and you delete so many of them, the rule list will still show X number of entries.