Defense is Killing IE

So, my sister today used my computer for a bit. She uses IE while I prefer FF. This was her first time using it since I updated the program so CIS was spamming her with alerts and she said she finally told it to treat it as Isolated. (Big mistake!)

Then IE stopped responding completely and she assumed it had froze or something so she closed it then tried to restart it. Now it flickers as it tries to launch and is terminated by the Defense program.

We looked and cannot find a way to undo this. So, then I reinstalled IE which first uninstalled the old and installed an updated version in hopes that the newer one wouldn’t have the flags on it, but it does.

Is there anyway I can undo this treating it as an isolated program which prevents it from functioning at all without having to completely uninstall CIS and deleting any and all associated files then redownloading? I am quite near to this months bandwidth limitations from my ISP and I’d rather not download ~65 or so MB for the program, then another 86 or so MB :-/

You should be able to remove IE from being isolated.

Under the Defense+ Tab > Advanced > Computer Security Policy

Search for Internet Explorer and delete the entry or change it to Web Browser.

Hope this helps


Thanks. I had actually just fixed it with the help of a friend, through the means you explained. :smiley: