defense + is getting in my nerves !!!

after upgrading from 2.4 to 3.0 i faced with the strange defense + system, i don’t get it , i put it on clean pc mode or training mode but all of them gives me problems when installing an application or a game… imagine a game which is installing about 200 files and for each of these files the defense + is asking me several times if i want to allow that files to be written or not… how pathetic!!!
ok so i wanna ask u guys how you work with this defense +?

First of all there is “Installation mode”, you can switch to this mode and it may help. If it doesn’t helped disable Defense +. If you see that the Defense + doesn’t remember rules, send request to this topic and they may send you special edition of Comodo FireWall:

I am in the Clean PC mode. If an installer starts, Defend+ alerts me. I choose Treats as: Installer/Updater, then confirm switching to Installation mode and there is a lot less alerts, usually not a single one more. After the installation process is finished and some time passes by, the installation mode switches back to the previous one.

There is a new build currently in testing which (at least for me) massively reduces the annoyance of Defense+.
There is a thread about it, you can get the link per PM if you post there.

Following on from what weaker said (Sorry weaker for following on from it, But I will just extend a little since you were posting while i was posting :-))

Anyway… There is a new test version out (Version to fix allot of major issues One that is new, is a New application signature database that has been introduced -the size and format has been significantly changed to prevent false alerts from some AV programs. (So the download file and the file it self went from 30MB-9MB, and still contains over one million applications), Anyway… I had the problems you were having with the current stable version too, asking me for every file during installation.

PLEASE, Try out the new test version! Drop in a request here to get it sent to you:

and then, Put Defense+ On Training Mode and along with the new application signature database, it should go very well!


Josh. 8)

thanx everybody for your helps…


I was having the exact same problem with CFP 3 original and the new

before i would do any updates or install something I would goto summary in the firewall and click Switch to Installation Mode but i would still keep getting Dfense+ alert popups,

on the suggestion of AnotherOne I began not doing that and instead I just proceed with any update or installtion of a new software and when Defense+ pops up I choose Treat as application as install/updater with remember ticked too and then after a sec or two another window pops up asking if I want to switch the firewall into Installation mode, which I click on Yes, after that I get no Defense+ popup alerts while I have something being installed. After I am done I just goto Summary in the firewall and click Switch back to previous mode

Hope that helps, you may want to try that method.I’ve tried both ways, Switch to installation mode, but that would do nothing! I’d keep getting tons and tons of popups while I had something being installed, the other method i just descibed that i was adviced to give a go, Works for me without a prob :wink: