Defense + is fooled by fake digital signed ?

Wow, how did they forge Microsoft’s digitally signed signature? Is that even possible for the average hacker?

Anyway, Defense+ picked it up with a pop-up. What I would do in that situation is Block and do some research on the .exe file. Easy.

I thought those things were supposed to be foolproof… 88)

Hi guys, I’m not CIS user, but I think I have to report this to COMODO. I learned the information from a Chinese security forum, kafan. members there said you had to set D+ security level to Paranoid mode then you would get a pop-up, or you got nothing. Malware Defender and KIS didn’t be fooled by this kind of trick.

somebody found some virus has fake digital certificate that can cheat comodo.
this is dangeous and I think comodo need to improve the ability of distinguish digital certificate.
as far as I know Malware Defender can do this.

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This issue has been resolved with the beta release coming out on Friday April 17.
Thank you.

Good to hear. Thanks. :-TU

Can’t wait to test the latest Beta! What time is it coming out? Haha.

Some time today :wink:

Awesome :smiley:

Now I’m still think some of malware came from China.

The last report I read stated a recent poll showed most malware were now coming from the USA. China is not the number one producer of malware at present.

I don’t know if that’s from the same report. 38% of attacks over the internet are sourced from US, 13% from China, and 12% from Ukrain.

Sorry I’ve reply very short.

It’s gonna be.

“Some of malware (in Asia) are came from China”

But the US is most in the global worldwide.