Defense is Causing Non-Response from Programs

I’m finding Vs very difficult to live with. I’ve added to my Trusted Apps List but nothing
keeps Defense from slowing every program to a crawl and timing out. I have Network Defense in
Training Mode but it never seems to learn. Same box says Stop All Activities and if I change it
right back it comes. Proactive Defense is in Training Mode also.

I’ve searched and found others with problems but there are no clear cut answers as to appropriate settings. I never had any problems with Vs 2 and I was able to get answers. I found it to be an intuitive program; it was a welcome relief from Norton which I had used for years. I admit that
that I’m lost and Vs. 3 is getting more annoying every day particularly when I try to use my flash drives.

Somewhere this is a tutorial for this difficult program I hope but I am unable to find it. Please help!
Donna in AR

Welcome to the forums. First of all your version is back from Nov 07. Please completely uninstall your version and download and install the latest version.

Thanks for reminding me what I should not have forgotten to do. Smooth install of new Vs.3
BUTalert still stops too long and times out my FF 3 on Ceedo Flashdrive. Should I consider that program
needs to be in installation mode each time I use it? I hit the OK’s as fast as I can and I will
enter Ceedo into my trusted list. What else can I do?

Install mode is for installing programs only. Have you tried making your programs trusted under D+?

I guess he is saying that Comodo does not save external drivers as trusted, it will reset everytime its plugged in again.
Aka a headache delux.

I am have a problem with apparent interference between Open Office and Comodo. On the Open Office forum I was advised
"I have been running Comodo Memory Firewall on my system for several months and have long been aware of issues between it and other applications By excluding both %programfiles%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe and %windir%\system32\java.exe from CMF’s services (a very easy task), my problems have apparently all disappeared. In particular, those endless runaway events with java.exe are gone. I suppose the same to be true of JRE 6u7: excluding the appropriate files (there are always two) should work there too.

This may well be simple but how do I do it? I can find nothing in the help files about excluding any files from Services. What is “services”?


This is quite a old thread, Can you please download & install Comodo Internet Security Is it the 3.5 update to 3.0 and you can choose whether to install Firewall or the AV. First uninstall 3.0.

Then post a new thread in any of the boards here relevant:

I will close this one.