Defense+ is blocking USBGuard.exe irregardless of past solution that worked.;msg264634#msg264634

In the above link, I made my debut in the COMODO forums. The problem was nicely resolved. Unfortunately, the problem is back.

I re-did the solution posted in the above link and found that USBGuard.exe was NOT in the Exception window, so I promptly put it back there.

I re-did all the steps in the solution…nothing. The list “The Defense+ has blocked **** suspicious attempts so far” is in the thousand.

I need further help. :smiley:

Are you getting the same alerts? Please double check you did the steps as described by Matty_R.

Can you show a screenshot of the D+ logs?

I’ll try a fresh re-install of the latest CIS. If still it doesn’t work, then I’d consider posting pics.