Defense+ Is Blocking My Game

Im so Upset right now Im about to uninstall. Commodo Defense+ keeps blocking BRSptSvc.exe it is a file needed to play old republic a mmo. Someone please tell me how to fix this. I keep adding it to exculsions but says it doesnt exist. If it doesnt exist why the hell is it blocking it.

Could you post some screenshots, Makazestorm?

Thanks, REBOL.

Go into CIS advanced settings, then to Security and then File Rating. First look in Unrecognized files and if the file in question is listed there, click the up arrow at the bottom, select the file and then choose Move To–Trusted Files. You should never have a problem again.

If the file is not listed as unrecognized, then go to Trusted Files, again click the up arrow and choose Add. Browse to the file and add it to Trusted.

Additionally, you can also provide us with its SHA-1, if found safe it will be added to Comodo’s white list and no longer sandboxed. :slight_smile:

I added it to trusted files. Its still doing something cause my game cant patch. Its stuck at verifying 100%.

I am getting depressed now 88).

Any game-related files left in the unrecognized files?
By the D+ log can you say that any files are still blocked?
Check your AV logs. Maybe it blocks some of your patch files silently.

BTW How is your Comodo auto-sandbox configured?

I put it in trusted files and as you can see there is none in unreconized. But its still blocking the client called bit raider which downloads stuff for old republic mmo.

Okay - I see that you have set behavior blocker to fully virtualized hence some files may not communicate with each other (the sandboxed ones with these outside the sandbox). Since you have added all files to trusted files it may be a matter of restarting sandboxed process - it should be no longer run in the sandbox. Kill it and run it again. But just before that…

Can you show your AV log and check if there are any process running inside the sandbox here: Protection against Trojans, Malware and Rootkits - Active Process List | Internet Security v 7.0 ?

In my opinion, those of us who are gamers should not set the Behavior Blocker any higher than Restricted. Limited might be even better. I started out with mine on Untrusted, then went down to Restricted, and am now on Limited. Also, Heuristics should stay on low and HIPS should definitely be disabled.

What morphiusz said; the rulebook concerning the sandbox needs to be opened, perused and meditated upon.


  1. trusted files
  2. sandbox
  3. exclusion

Whan! WTF aint it working? Must be CIS; sure as hell aint me!


Alternatively, you can always disable the sandbox before you play the game. You almost certainly would never have any bad results from doing so.

I ended up uninstalling Comodo AV on both my laptop and desktop because it was blocking many games from Steam regardless if I added it to the exclusion list of the AV or the Defense+ lists. The games wouldn’t even install and Defense+ kept blocking the installation of installing DirectX. I can even disable the Defense+ and AV and Sandboxing and Comodo still blocks everything. I now use Malwarebytes Pro and Avira free AV on both my gaming PC’s and no more problems. I will be uninstalling the paid Comodo CIS from the company I work for as well because Defense+ blocks many of our programs that we use and the exclusion list doesn’t work either and GeekBuddy cannot fix the problem. I am sure later down the road Comodo will release a update to fix this mess but I can’t wait until then.