Defense+ Intrusions Block Comodo IS Ver 5.8.210479.2111

Hello To Comodo Users,

I Have a Question About Defense+ Intrusions Block.

  1. Why the Only Progrram that Comodo Show me As Intrusion Is a Logitech File ? See Attach File
    2.It is Normal ?
    When i see Defense+ Blocked 0 Intrusions,i know everything is O.K,but from time to time i see alot of Xy intrusion Block,so i every time check what it is.
    I Also can Disable the Option - Defens+Loging / Interprocess Memory Accesses At Activites To Monitor,but i Don`t want.

Can you please help me what i need to do / fix

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You can add the program to the exception rule.

[attachment deleted by admin]

THANKyou Very Much 4 Answer me ! :slight_smile:
I Appreciate the help, the simplest explanation and you made beautiful. :-TU
You Made My Day … You Don`t Understand how much you help me :slight_smile: