Defense+ & Intel Graphic's "GfxUI.exe"

I always get this message, when I start the system,

I have countless times, selected " Do not run this application inside the Sandbox again "
Defense+ is in training mode.

When I manually try to add the file C:\Windows\System32\Gfxui.exe to ‘My own Safe Files’ , it says Gfxui.exe is already a safe file, while it isn’t in the list as is shown here :

Please read here.

Try this:
Defence+ → Sandbox → Add program to sandbox then Add what you want but put Level on unrestricted only for that software or what ever!

As a less radical alternative to the fixes in this thread you might want to try under Defense plus settings, ticking ‘block all access attempts’ when the application (ie CIS) is closed. This works in some cases.

Best wishes