Defense+ Installation Mode

I have used the Defense+ Installation Mode to install a number of programs.
I then look at the Computer Security Policy screen and note that for all the programs so installed, the installed exe file is treated as “Installer or Updater”, while most of my previously installed programs (previous to the installation of the firewall) are treated as “Custom policy”.
Should the next step in the process then be to right click on the newly installed exe file and select Edit… to set the policy?
I am assuming that one does not want to leave the newly installed exe file being treated as “Installer or Updater”.
Is this correct?


Looks like “installer or updater” is the only way to allow one program to run another program without asking you every time. So you needed to do it at installation, and can change the installed program back to “trusted application” and then see if you start getting popups saying that it wants to run another program. If you do, just change it back.

Hiya Mike,if you go to “computer security policy in” defence+ advanced you will then be able to locate the new program.Highlight the said program and click edit,now check the box use a custom policy.Now click on access rights and you will get a series of options about what you want the program to be allowed to do.Here you can set it to your own parameters regarding what the program can do(allow), not do(block) or ask.Dont forget to click “apply” on each window if you have changed something as otherwise it will not be activated.

Regards Matty

Thanks for the replies.
Does anyone know what the predefined security policy for “Installer or Updater” is?
If one accesses Predefined Security Policies, only four are listed:
Trusted Application
Windows System Application
Isolated Application
Limited Application
Highlighting any of the four applications and then clicking on the Edit… button to the right brings up another box from which the Access Rights and Protection Settings of the selected predefined security application can be determined.
What I want to know is what are the Access Rights and Protection Settings for “Installer or Updater”.
Does anyone know where I might access this information?