Defense+ incompatible with touchpad


I get the following alert and then my touchpad doesn’t work.

SynTPHelper.exe is trying to modify the user interface of iexplore.exe. What would you like to do?

Since this alert blows away my touchpad, I can’t use the touchpad on my laptop to click on the Allow button at this point. I’m pretty good with navigating windows with a keyboard, but it’s no help here.

It’s pretty easy to move the focus to the Allow button, but when I click enter, nothing happens. I’ve added C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPHelper.exe as a “Trusted Application” in the Comodo Firewall, but it doesn’t help. I didn’t have this problem with the previous version of Comodo. I’m currently running:


1.Delete ‘SynTPHelper.exe’ in the Computer Security policy.
2.change your Defense+ mode to ‘Trainig mode’
4.try to use touch pad.
5.if it works fine, go to Computer Security policy again.
6.change ‘SynTPHelper.exe’ and any related files to ‘trusted’
7.change Defense+ mode to default(clean PC mode)

You need to put SynTPHelper.exe as a ‘Trusted Application’ in Defense + not the Firewall
Using a mouse once to tick Remember and click Allow is the simplest solution.

This thread discusses it;msg336274#msg336274

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