defense+ in clean pc mode is blocking flash uploader in firefox 3.6.12...


when using defense+ clean pc mode in firefox 3.6.12, it blocks the flash uploader. if I disable the defense+, it works fine. I tried removing all the files in the blocked list, but it didn’t help. also, I tried completely removing adobe flash & firefox and reinstalling clean which also didn’t help.

any ideas so I can continue to use defense+ while firefox works properly?

That may be a problem with plugincontainer.exe. Try the suggestions in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5].

1)Firewall rule:
Allow X:\Firefox\plugin-container.exe TCP Out, port 80.
The relevant ip if you are paranoïd (in France, i don’t know if it is international) is

2)Defense+ rule:
Customize the rule for X:(Path of Firefox)\firefox.exe:
Access rights, run an executable: allow the path for plugin container.

Make, if it does not exist, a new rule for plugin container executable:
Set whatever you want as ask, but set the access rights of interprocess memory allowed for firefox.exe, allow protected files for \Device\Afd\Endpoint, and allow DNS client.

That does not of course keep Flash Player to be unworkable for other reasons (most often antiscripting devices).

When I last updated Adobe Flash Player using the web interface, it installed a Firefox extension, an extra Firefox plug-in and a service that loads at every boot. It took me an hour to figure out how to remove the Adobe Download Manager and how to avoid it in the future.

To save you all the hassle, here is a link for the latest Adobe Flash installer for Firefox, which installs in a few seconds without the Download Manager:

One possible reason that Adobe introduced the complexity of the Download Manager is that hooks into a low-level of the system, and it sends info back to the company.
For more info, see:

holy jebus, i had this problem too, even posted about it cuz i couldnt find this topic sooner…


  1. Go to D+ Tab
  2. Computer Security Policy
  3. Find the link “Customize” on the bottom right cornor, across from “Use a custom policy”
    4*) “Run an Executable” should be the top option, across from that click where “Modify (X/X)”
  4. Click the “Blocked Applications” tab
  5. REMOVE both the crashreporter and the plugincontainer, and be sure you click “OK” and “SAVE” on all the tabs on the way back out.

* = Modify may not have the same numbers to each user (such as 2/2 for me), and one side of the numbers will remain at the total when removed (became 2/0 for me)

you would think they would make this easier to spot/locate…like give it a real button or something. (Modify). I also see alot of people saying “go to Advanced”, which isnt in the newer version i guess, which makes the directions confusing…

Id deffinatly add this solution to the list of App fixes.

Hope this helps everyone else! Worked for me!