Defense+ - Ignore log of a particular event

Hi, i think it would be nice to have the same event logging option for Defense+, just like the firewall.

For example, by default, Defense+ could log blocked activities, as it is right now, but with the option of not logging a particular event since i know i blocked it and i don’t want to see it again in log viewer.

Also, the opportunity to log allowed application or action.

Thanks for your good work…


Sounds reasonable enough to me.

That is what i wanted to post, too today.

Great thing.

I think it sucks when you want to open D+ log and have to wait a long time where Cfp.exe hangs until you can view it.

I have changed some settings for Comodo Internet Security in Protection Settings and my D+ logs overflows.
Therefor it would be good, if i can decide if this action should be logged or not. I got always the same entries in this Log, which blows up.

Hope this would be done soon.