Defense+ HIPS "Remember my answer" and more info on the changes?

Overall, I like the new version, but it’s been tough keeping my sanity on the first day:

  1. I am sorely missing the behavior of the Defense+ HIPS “Remember my answer” from the old version 5, which kept the box ticked or not depending on its last use.

I can’t count the number of times I ticked that box today. I like having lots of notifications, but that was just too much clicking.

For users like myself, please could we have an option to keep the box ticked or bring back that behavior? In version 5 sometimes I caught myself allowing something I didn’t mean to because it was still ticked, so maybe it could be kept checked when a request is the same type as previous ones (e.g. a group of registry alerts).

  1. The alerts could really be more useful than just telling you that a program wants to change something in the registry. After getting about 30 requests from internet explorer I was wondering what on Earth it was doing - looking at the permissions afterwards it was clear, but at the time it was very frustrating not having any idea if it was accessing a few different keys or going through a huge folder of similar ones.

3)Being able to export/import settings or rules would be valuable after putting in time to configure everything.

Keep up the good work, but please try to keep it friendly for those of us that do want more control.

what you could do is enable game mode that will automatically add all protected registry keys then you can lower the access setting it to ask mode for all other options because game mode sets to allow more permissions then the application needs.

I posted a thread with a similar problem then yours, what I suggested and would be nice is if they add a “remember answer for same type of request”.

hope this helps.