Defense+ has blocked 26 intrusion(s) so far

Under the Summary tab you will see it telling you Defense+ has blocked intrusions and then you click the number, I thought to see these intrusions, but all I see are my own running applications on my systems.

Where are these supposed intrusions at? Why are all my safe applications running in my system being shown here?

If you click on the number of Intrusions, it should open the Events List, not the Active Process List which you are describing.

It opens the Defense+ Events window and I see no intrusions, only my system applications running…

My own applications running as normal are not an intrusion, I don’t understand why Comodo is calling this an intrusion when it is not. :frowning:

Here is the Event Log to see;

The catch here is that the flagged techniques are also used by regular programs. The techniques in its self do not indicate that a program is malicious.

There are a bunch of Memory Access attempts by FF to ctfmon.exe and two Comodo files. Ctfmon.exe is a Windows file and therefor protected by CIS from Memory Access. Also the Comodo files are protected from Memory Access.

Assuming you downloaded FF from a safe location there is nothing going on. I checked the log you provided but there is no malicious activity going on. You’re safe.

I know I’m safe so why is Comodo calling this 26 intrusions?

If thing are safe they shouldn’t be called intrusions…

They are listed as Intrusions because the program still attempted to access CIS’ protected memory without your permission.
Logitech does the same until you give it access.
No biggie.

But if you’re using Firefox as example, is that like saying I’m giving permission because I’m running it?

You are giving the program permission to run, but not to “attack” CIS with a buffer overflow event or a memory access routine. I think that’s the difference.