Defense+ for smartphones?!

Is there a Defense+ for smartphones?
I can’t find it and I can’t believe there is none.

No, there isn’t.
edit: sorry I thought you meant Comodo’s own products, they might be some btw…

Heck, I haven’t even been able to find a personal firewall (that can make per-program, per-IP rules) for any mobile OS other than iOS yet (and that’s FirewallIP from the Cydia app store). Never saw one of those on PalmOS, WinMo 5-6, Android, Blackberry, or WebOS. Heck, I’ve never even been able to find one of those on Linux other than the abandoned project TuxGuardian.

And I’d think something setting up controls so deeply inside the OS like Defense+ does would be a much harder project.

If anyone’s heard of other personal firewalls or Defense+ style programs, I’d love to hear about them!

How is this?

You didn’t even say which phone. Comodo does have a security app for android though. I don’t think defense+ type technology is needed yet for android. :slight_smile:

That NoRoot firewall by Grey Shirts looks very promising! Going to have a look at it now! Thanks!