Defense+ Files Waiting For Your Review [Merged Threads]

I just installed Comodo Firewall V3, it look like a great product all around except when I clicked help, it crashes. Anyway, when I am running McAfee virus scan, it starts piling up tons of files for review in Defense+, I couldn’t quite figure out what to do without documentation on the options, does anyone know? Thanks.

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Thanks Joliet, that’s helpful.

Same basic issue. I get a bunch of files waiting for review. I determine that they are OK. I click “Move To” → “My Own Safe Files”, and a message pops up for each of them that the file can’t be moved because it “appears” to already be there. If the file is already in “My Own Safe Files”, why is it waiting for my review, or if it does need my review, how do I “approve” it. In order to get most programs to work I have actually had to disable Defense+ entirely!

Comodo, I just upgraded to v3 yesterday and don’t understand the constant barrage of “X number of files waiting for your review” message on the main page. A lot of them are repeats that I’ve been Purgeing or new ones that I’ve been adding to my Safe Files list. I really do not want to review any files at all and would prefer the product to handle this. Is there a way to disable this option altogether or will the new files roll off after a while?


I have a few files waiting for review that are from Avira Antivir. They are updates files.
When I manually updated Antivir I clicked allow and remember on the alert window. However Im not sure if V3 is allowing Antivir to auto update, hence these files waiting for review. V3 is set to Train in Safe Mode. Shouldnt it be allowing Antivir to update? What should I do with these files?
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First of all the files listed and not blocked. So the update of Antivir is allowed.

When you have a list of programs first thing to do is purge. Then you will get rid off the deleted files. From the files that remain tick the Antivir related and send them to your safe files. Those files are part of an application we trust.

When you would send the files to My quarantained files they would all can’t be accessed. That is a thing to do when you seriously don’t trust them.

Another useful thing to do is to add Antivir to the list of trusted software vendors.
With this procedure you can build a list of trusted software vendors that have digitally signed files. Go to Defense + → Common Tasks → My trusted software vendors. It has the nice feature to read a running process; so you can start a program and read it from the list rather than navigating with Explorer to it.

Avira wont go into my trusted vendors as is doesnt seem to be encrypted.Any advise on how to get it in there.

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It doesn’t help:

Don’t feel forced to review the pending files often. It’s only that if they’re run, Defense+ will ask you about them and not allow automatically. Many of these files won’t be run before they’re modified again during an update and get back to the pending list. So review it just as often as you want, and always purge to take out the temporary files which are gone.

I’ve been using Comodo for a couple of weeks, and have 4,329 files waiting for review. It’s pretty unlikely that I’m gonna spend time doing anything with those files…