Defense+ file Protected and sourceforge "exe file" download (x32 v3.0.14.276 )

1.Web site example

2.Defense+ Setting
web browser (use IE Trident engine)
Protected Files/Folders, Ask, Allow Folder"C:\download folder*"

3.left click “FileZilla_3.0.4.1_win32-setup.exe or any executable file” (not “right click->save as…”)

4.Show download window(open, save, cancel) → click save → save to “C:\download folder”

5.Show “The file already exists. Overwrite?” window???

6.After I view the “C:\download folder” folder, has a zero byte same name file.

Sorry for my bad english.

Couldn’t reproduce the issue with Firefox. What happens when you set the Defense+ Security Level to Disabled? Can you save the file to “C:\dowload folder” then?

Defense+ Security Level to Disabled, without problem.

The Files/folders Protected, Only individual settings has problem.
If set the files/folders protected status to allow, without problem.

can save file.
The same name file is not lock status, can delete or overwrite it.