defense + file mnmgnt tasks crash cfp

System details:
cfp v. 32-bit
defense + in training mode
firewall in training mode
windows vista ultimate 32-bit
spybot s&d
spyware doctor
avast! av 4.7.1098
windows defender


  • Open files waiting for your review.
  • wait for the list to poulate.
  • list closes; cfp crashes; bug report form shows up


  • open trusted software vendors.
  • click add from signed executable.
  • browse for file.
  • windows’ “program has to close” msg box shows up; cfp crashes

Can you please send file generated by this crash? it should be in the folder where CFP is installed. For example c:\program files\comodo\firewall..

Crash.dmp or Both would be ok.


I have several crash dumps posted here. Zero downloads. I wonder what that means? :slight_smile:


Here ya go

[attachment deleted by admin]

Have (had) similar problem. While poking around Defence+ options CFP would crash and generate dump.
My XP was freshly installed with Comodo + Nod32 antivirus running. It was the first run of comodo right after install. I was getting familiar with options on Defence+ and what they do. Comodo crashed 4 times in 2 hours, always while looking at Defence+ screen.
Finally I disabled Defence+ and CFP hasn’t crashed ever since (almost 2 days now).
Reason why I was spending a lot of time on Defence+ options is that I have tried to configure it so that leak test would pass (managed to block Test 2 and 3, but never Test 1… this one always succeeded to send information on the Internet). Once I disabled Defence+, GUI speed also improved.
Dump was sent automatically after crash (first time it crashed) so you should have it through e-mail.

btw. Defence+ crashed while it was on Clean PC mode and usually it crashed when I clicked to open to see the Policies.

(maybe offtopic but I would love to have a general rule in place that will allow all applications to have access to computer resources and generate alarm only while trying to breach into other program’s memory space or trying to manipulate legit applications. This is the only thing I would like to configure and don’t know how.)