Defense+ Events


I am running CIS on Windows 7x64

In the Defense Events log file I am getting thousands of events per day logged for C:\program files \broadcom \broadcom 802.11 network adaper \wltrysvc.exe

Every time it is being flagged for “create Process”. I’m getting around 1 per second or 2. I attempted to make this a “Trusted File” and it says it IS a trusted file, but it still pops up as an event.

What does this mean? how do I fix whatever’s going on? thanks for any and all help

See if it is accidentally also in Unrecognised Files list. If so remove it.

Then try adding it wltrysvc.exe the Exceptions of Detect Shellcode injections and to the Exceptions of the Behaviour Blocker. Do this one step at a time and check the result of the change.