Defense+ Events: Date format in table

If you have the Date column in the Defense + Events table able to be manipulated by clicking the Date header (you do), you should have the date formatted correctly to be able to be in proper order (ascending or descending).

As it is, the dates are not formatted correctly: Should be YYYY/MM/DD (and 24 hour clock) to be accurate, with leading zeroes where needed in the MM and DD (and hour) entries.

This should be an easy fix, maybe just an oversight. Doesn’t really qualify as a “Bug” but could be.

I think something similar has been suggested.
It is a great idea, Duster.
Btw, welcome to the Forum.

This needs to be revived.

The current date format is not appropriate for non-US countries. Adoption of the proposed YYYY/MM/DD format is a more professional approach as well as being a globally accepted format. Believe it or not but this could also attract more people to using Comodo.

Please consider implementing this soon, I don’t imagine it would be difficult to code in. It would certainly be simpler than coding in a range of choices for date/time format, although this would be even better still.


May be also add your preferred time/date format to CIS logs?