Defense Events and other logs -- HELP

I have a Toshiba Portege M500 with Windows XP Professional.

It is a stand alone machine; I don’t wish to connect to any network. I also try to disable Blue Tooth and Wireless, including not installing the drivers. I removed all networks from network connections. I just want to type, print on my machine–that’s it.

However, there seems to be strange activity, especially picked up in defense events. I also used Rootkit Revealer, and TCP View to understand what is going on.

Is there anyway some other device that is not standard could be communicating with remote devices? I disabled remote shoaring and also all network or remote services under services.

As such, I’ve uploaded screenshots that might help understand what is going on.

I appreciate time in advance, and this great firewall.

I’m wondering what was going on here?

I’m wondering if I do have to worry about what rootkit revealer discovered?

I cannot get properties for Share 4 shown in the TCP view below -it won’t let me look at them. Also, I cannot terminate those connections-they just don’t shut down. What is this?