Defense + doesn't see all running processes[BUGREPORT]

As per the title. Defense+ doesn’t see all the processes running, in particular it seems to not to notice the core service of the Folding [ at ] Home application.
CPF3 correctly reports 2 instances of F [ at ] H - console.exe, but it does not see the child processes of either. (FahCore_78.exe at present)
The 2 instances of FahCore_78.exe are set to only use idle cpu cycles, I don’t know if that makes any difference.

However, a HIPS should be aware of ALL running processes, and I really can’t work out how it misses these, especially as they use about 98% of teh cpu between them.

Another mystery is that whilst process explorer says there are 43 running processes, cpf3 says only 40. Aside from teh two “invisible” instances of FahCore_78.exe there is another process that neither cpf3 nor I can find.

Also, cpf3 doesn’t seem to respect the decision to use the “basic firewall only”.

I’m using the .268 build.

I’m currently running Firefox (as I’m writing this post), but the Active Process List of Defense+ will not show Firefox. (see screen shot)

From the main summary of CFP, in the Proactive Defense box (screen shot), it says 19 applications though. Normally it’s 17 running applications, when I’m not running any programs - but I honestly don’t know which the 18th application could be here, it’s very strange. Maybe some system process that usually isn’t running.

Anyway, CFP obviously notice that Firefox is running. It just won’t show up in the Active Process List.


EDIT: after a system restart, I discovered that explorer.exe now is on the “same level” as System Idle Process. Under this explorer.exe, cfp.exe is running, and now also firefox.exe. Still, this was not visible when I took the first screen shot.

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Just a bit of an update, FAH-console.exe is now starting another child process (FahCore_80.exe) which appeared in “pending files”, but cpf3’s process monitor does not show that process either. (:AGY)

Hi, I have the same issue but I missed your topic (you posted before me) so I merged them.


No worries :smiley: So long as it gets noticed, (then fixed)

Another update; cpf3 seems now to notice both of the FaH cores, but only if they are launched whilst cpf3 is running. That is to say FaH finishes a work unit, closes the core, gets a new work unit from the server, and launches the core service again. In those circumstances the process list does contain the two previously ‘missing’ processes.
When I next reboot I’ll check if they are listed in the active process list or not.

After a reboot, cpf3 no longer reports those processes.

OK. Let’s hope for this bug to get fixed. :slight_smile: