Defense+ doesnt recognise Backup

Well, I have use Comodo Firewall Pro 3, and it is great. Today I ran Comodo Backup for the first time (v, and Defense+ (Train with Safe Mode) started giving a lot of alerts… it didn’t recognised Backup as a safe app…

It is weird, since they are both Comodo products… Other than that, Backup looks great, I will keep “playing” with it.

Comodo Backup isn’t recognized by Defense+ because it probably hasn’t been added to the whitelist yet which only began when Defense+ was created. If you look at your pending files, select all and then select “Lookup” this will check the current whitelist database for any of them marked as “Safe” if it displays “Unknown” on any of the entries simply submit the files by clicking Yes when the “Do you want to submit them” window pops up.

The Defense+ whitelist is an ongoing process and it may take awhile for everything to be added to it and new releases before it’s added to CPF3’s own Program Safelist.

Hope this answers your question.