Defense+ doesn't block the attempt to flash in a new firmware into a DVD drive

Tested on Seven x64: When I run the flashing tool with administrator rights D+ gives a warning about direct disk access but that doesn’t prevent the tool to fulfill its purpose. When I start the flashing tool without administrator rights D+ doesn’t complain at all although most likely it still could flash in the new firmware.

I’m going to attach a picture what happens when I try the same with Kaspersky IS.

Edit: Here are the pictures:

And here is the flashing tool:

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I can’t confirm.

I tested it under Win 7 RC (7100). I blocked the disk access request and it complained about not having admin privileges.

32 or 64 bit?

32 bits.

We need a 64 bit tester here, please.

Interseting. What about a BIOS rootkit installer? :o

Windows 7 32 bit.

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Now we need another Seven 64 and also Vista 64 tester.

Don’t be anxious, I suppose you won’t take any risks unless you press the “Flash” button, what is not necessary.

Here it fails also on Vista 64. Will mention it at the next beta test.