Defense doesn't alert me for protected file modification

hello everybody.
i’m running windows vista home. i’ve added " c:\Users\George\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5* " to “my protected files” but defense (set to “safe mode”) doesn’t alert me for file modification.i’ve tested this with a program of my own, certainly not “safe”.
Can anybody help???

in D+ “computer security policy”, remove temporary internet files from “all applications” “allowed files/folders”

I am not sure what your trying to accomplish? I don’t use protected files actually. What are you trying to have Comodo do? Why are you using IE anyways?

don’t use protected files or defense in general???

D+ is active of course but I have never needed to add files to My Protected files. I use Comodo with D+ active and NOD32 3.0. I also use Firefox 3.0 and Sandboxie. Like I said what are you trying to accomplish? Home Page hijacking?

i’m trying to maximize my pc security. for me defense+ is essential to this purpose

What av are you using? For great security all you need is a good av and Comodo with D+ active. Never been infected in over 5 years and download and visit everything. If you tell me what your trying to accomplish like I keep asking then maybe I can help.

d+ active, you mean with the default settings??

D+ is in safe mode and so is the firewall. I have never need to tweak anything in Comodo. It works great straight out of the box.

The Default setting for Defense+ is Clean PC Mode.

We recommend Safe Mode so you don’t have to deal with Pending Files.