Defense+ does not automatically learn any program

i reinstalled Comodo internet security with just the firewall and defense+ and when the program started i noticed it did not learn any programs at all even though it is in clean pc mode and the intrusion detections are always at zero when before they would atleast go up to 5 attempts blocked. i am connected to a netgear router so i don’t know if that makes a difference. i am tired of uninstalling this program. also i want to note that i never ran a stealth ports scan either with this installation or past installations and with the past installations it still told me when it blocked something.

can someone help me out?

Are all if these settings checked?

See attachment below, and click on the pic. to get a bigger view.

[attachment deleted by admin]

yeah they were already checked but i clicked apply again and it asked me if i wanted to review pending files before i go to clean pc mode. i’ll see hwta happens but it was already on clean pc mode. i used revo uninstaller to uninstall the previous version but i don’t know why it is not automatically learning anything?