Defense+ disabling itself

After installing Comodo I was having a problem where, when I would log out of one user and into another the desktop would not load. The problem did not happen when Defense+ was turned off. I though that if I reinstalled Comodo and re-learned the rules the problem would go away.

I always install Comodo and before I reboot, I change everything to custom policy and paranoid mode. I have always done this and manually created rules as I go along. I never use safe mode or any kind of automatic leaning, and it has never created a problem before.

Now that I have reinstalled Comodo and set all my application preferences (Paranoid Mode and so forth) when I reboot or log off one user and into another Defense+ gets disabled. I have reinstalled the program again just to make sure it was not a problem at install and the same thing happens.

Has anyone seen this before?

Yes, I am seeing this behavior with CIS version 4.1.149672.916 on Windows 7. I have not been able to identify any particular event that causes this to happen. My sense is that Defense+ becomes disabled after my weekly early Monday morning auto-scans, but I’m not sure.

I have recently upgraded to Comodo version 4.1.150349.920 on Windows 7 64-bit. I’m observing that Defense+ disables itself after rebooting my computer.

Can you still start the GUI from the start menu?

Sure. Comodo CIS is running fine and everything, only the Defense+ security level goes from safe mode to disabled. I can right click the system tray icon and change status back to safe mode from disabled after a reboot.

Sorry, I misunderstood.

How often does it become disabled? Is it every time you reboot your computer, or just every once in a while?

It occurred when rebooting after a Windows update, rebooting after the last Comodo CIS update, and at a reboot after that. So it seems as if it occurs at every reboot. In the past it seems it did not occur after every reboot, but I’m not certain. When I get back to the computer I can test a few more restarts and see how consistent the problem is now.

I’ve now done two restarts after setting Defense+ to safe mode, and in each case the system restarted with Defense+ disabled. So I guess this is consistent behavior. So it seems to be a legitimate bug, but I’ll run a manual virus scan too, just in case.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling CIS?

It’s possible this is evidence of a bad install.

A full virus scan by Comodo Antivirus ran clean. I’ll try the uninstall/reinstall and report results.

The uninstall/reinstall seems to have fixed the problem. I’ll report back if the problem returns. Thanks for the help.