Defense+ detects Keyloggers and programs Termination?


The new version of CPF will have HIPS features, but I would like to know if the HIPS can detects Keyloggers by behaviour and say that on the alerts windows?
If yes, it will detects all kind of Keyloggers?

And about programs Termination?


Yes, the current release of the Alph does a very good job of detecting any Program accessing the keyboard. If you Allow it to access the kebord the progams can log your keystrokes, But it will tell you ProgramX.exe is trying to acces your keyboard.

I have tested this with key loggers. As this will be an unknown program the user should check

If yes, it will detects all kind of Keyloggers?
It should detect any program trying to access you your keybord or take sreenshot of your PC
(CFPA3.0.2.5_AKLT Test003.jpg)
It also has the abillity to detect program tremination. How ever I have not tested that feature


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Thanks for the info, Opus Dei :wink:

And we can enable or disable what things Defense+ will catch?


You would do that through Defense +> Advanced > Computer Security Policy > See The Attached
( CFPA3.0.2.5_misc037.jpg)


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But that setting if for each application, or we can set for all current and future applications?

I guess you could go into Defense+ > Advanced > Defense+ Settings and uncheck Keyboard or Computer Monitor, but as you said this would completly disable this feature for all monitoring. As far as as I know there is no other way. If you wanted to you could also disable process termination monitoring but as to why you would want to is beyond me Unless it was temporarily for an install but this is anouther topic

Sooner or later I’m going to test process termimation but so far CFP 3 Alpa has passed all the standard leak tests I have thrown at it, as does the latest Again this is another topic


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Seems great, if we can choose what Defense+ will catch, to avoid aother alert windows…