Defense+ creating complications for programmer

Hi guys, i use dev++ to do my C programming. As you may already know, when you compile your source file using dev++ it creates a separate .exe file, which is your application. And when i try to run the application, (some of them contain nothing more than simple printf commands) sandbox interferes and isolates it.

It does not stop the application from functioning, but it does delay the execution and the pop ups are distracting. I do not want to disable any features, as i spend a lot of time coding.

Is there any other way i could solve this problem, can i add a certain folder to defense+/sandbox and prevent defense+/sandbox from monitoring that folder, so it will not interfere even when new exe files are created inside the folder.

And please note that dev++ is already in my trusted programs. And its not dev++ that sandbox isolates, its the exe files that it creates. Even if i didnt use dev++ to run them, simply double clicked and attempted to open them, sandbox would interfere.

Thank you

Hi crykid
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There are more people having the same issues, one thing that can be done is add the compiled exe to the trusted files list based on ‘name’ rather then on hash.
Go to Defense+ ->Trusted Files → Add Browse files → tick ‘Use file names instead of hashes’ then add the exe(s) to the list.
That should solve the issue.

Thanks for your response, but it will not work since i cant keep adding every exe i create to defense+. i create and run hundreds of apps(exes), with different names everyday. Is it possible to add a certain folder to exclusions. For instance, if i used doc folder to save my exes, can i prevent defense+ from monitoring doc folder?

For a one off you could add them all with the ‘include sub-folders to’ option, I haven’t tested it though so I’m not sure if that will bring what your looking for.

try to add the folder as installer/updater and see if that helps.

Solved: I set dev++ as “installer or updater”. Thanks to everyone for helping :slight_smile:

side note: This option give the application god rights so you’re using this at your own risk.