Defense+ crashes Windows Live Communications Platform

Good day!

For some reason I’m unable to run any application that uses Windows Live Communications Platform without permanently disabling Defense+. I already tried adding all of the programs that uses Windows Live Communications Platform to Defense+ lists of Trusted Software, and even tried setting all Defense+ to Training Mode, however I am still needing to permanently disable Defense+ (the one which requires you to reboot the system) for any of them to work. Basically, what happens is that the program will run like they’re suppose to, but will immediately crash and log you out as soon as you log in.

The following software uses Windows Live Communications Platform:

  • Windows Live Hotmail
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Live Movie Maker (Not the default Windows Vista Movie Maker)
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery (Not the default Windows Vista Photo Gallery)
    - Windows Live Writer (Erratum: It seems Windows Live Writer does NOT use Windows Live Communications Platform.)

Please let me know when this will be fixed. I LOVE COMODO PRODUCTS but I also love the Windows Live Essential Suite and having to choose between the two is very stressful. :cry:


I’m able to run Windows Live Mail and Messenger. I never use Messenger, but I just checked that it was functional. As Live Mail is my main email account, it is constantly running.

You mention Live Essential Suite, is this a bundle of applications? (Similar to M$ Office) If so, it seems the problem lies with it. I run Live Mail and Messenger as standalone applications.

Yes, it appeared as an optional update (using Windows Update on Vista) last month (03/30/09, to be exact) and I immediately installed it because it was one of the promised Microsoft applications I’ve been waiting for. I believe you can download it on it’s own by visiting

Funny thing is, the applications themselves don’t close after you get the message that says Windows Live Communications Platform crashed. It will simply log you out of Windows Live (making the applications useless). Also, I tried permanently disabling Defense+ then installing Comodo Memory Firewall and the result - no errors, which I assume is because Windows Live Communications Platform does something else, aside from what seems to be a buffer overflow attack, Defense+ thinks shouldn’t be done.

Right now, I’m contemplating maintaining my current set up which is to keep Windows Live Essentials, disable Defense+, and leave Comodo Memory Firewall (which I’m aware is no longer being updated) installed and running. There’s no way I’m compromising my system’s security for a bunch of blogging and networking applications, hahaha! But I sure hope Comodo finds a solution around this. :slight_smile:

Update: I ended up permanently disabling Defense+ and installing Windows Live Essential because it seems that aside from the Windows Live Communications Platform, required by majority of the Windows Live Essential individual applications, Defense+ was also preventing my laptop’s audio drivers from working. For some reason, Comodo Memory Firewall also prevents anything that uses the Windows Live Communications Platform from working but works fine with my laptop’s audio drivers.