Defense+ contra Punkbuster (kicked for HIPS?)

for some months i am unable to play a punkbuster protected game. Enemy Territory and its mod TC:E.
after a few minutes i get kicked with that reason:
unallowed driver/program detected.
as i dont have any program, that might interrupt with punkbuster, apart from HIPS in cis,
as i read in other forums about people with comodo firewalls having the same problem,
it leads to the conclusion, that there is a problem to solve
between punkbuster and producers of HIPS suites.
because, the user cant do more, than accepting punkbuster as a trusted application (no effect until today),
or to deinstall the whole defense+ thing. disabling is not enough.
would be nice, if its no more a decision in the future, if you want to play a game, or to have a hips program installed.

Did you update your Punkbuster to the latest version? What version of CIS are you using?

If this comes remotely close to GameGuard it will act like a “rootkit” and will try to unhook functions D+ is trying to protect, and D+ does not like this, if so this Punkbuster is a very low level “dangerously similar to a rootkit behavior”…

No, PB is not like gamegaurd - Entirely different issue.
@Clockwork - As I’m on a fresh installation of windows I will test out some Punk buster related games when I get the free time and I’ll report back.