Defense+ conflicting with Panda Cloud AV 2.0 install.

Hi, I wanted to give you a heads up on something I discovered. While updating Panda Cloud Antivirus to the new 2.0 version I have found that if the Defense+ feature is enabled in Safe Mode the program will not be properly installed.

The Defense+ is sandboxing some of the RarSFX files while their being unpacked during the install processes. Even after you allow these process. Exiting CIS before running the installer doesn’t help either. I found if I manually disable Defense+ from the GUI setting and run the installer it will install properly then.

Is it possible to whitelist these install files so other people don’t have to go through the aggravation that I went through trying to figure out why Panda Cloud wasn’t installing normally? Older versions did not do this. Maybe it has something to with the fact that Panda Cloud 2.0 now includes a firewall feature.Free antivirus for Windows and Android - Panda Security

Made a paragraph structure for a better read. Eric