Defense+ Conflict with Microsoft Office Starter

On reflection think this fix a significant security risk. You are defining the whole drive as an installer updater…

If instead you just define the problematic files as installer updaters, that would be a bit more fiddly, but fine. Assuming the definition survives reboot (watch out for purge too)

This needs a proper resolution I think…

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I have been trying to help a friend with a very similar problem. CIS and Microsoft Office 2010 running together results in MS Word not being able to print. Winword.exe is continually sandboxed and partially disabled by Comodo no matter what I do. If I disable Defense+ everything works fine. >:( I do not mean to hijack this thread - I just want you to know that in some circumstances CIS and MS Office do not get along well.

I have the same problem with latest version of CIS (5.8.213334.2131). If Defense+ is set to Clean PC Mode everything works fine, but in Safe Mode no printer is visible in Word (and Excel) Starter 2010. :-\

could you provide us your d+ events?

Unfortunately not, because that computer was controlled remotely via Logmein (Windows 7 Professional 64bit, Comodo 64bit) . But I have found later solution for this problem here:

mouse1, thank You! The problem is SOLVED!
  1. Run Word
  2. Allow global hook MSCTF.dll
  3. Close Word
  4. Go to Defense+ ~ Computer Security Policy ~ Defense+ Rules ~ Double-click on “Q:.…\WINWORD.EXE” ~ Use a Predefined Policy [Installer or Updater] ~ Apply ~ OK
  5. Run Word
  6. Allow CVH.EXE

Repeat these operations for Excel / PowerPoint / OneNote.

You have given word,exe god right, so look at the ending. if it has exe than is a malware , such as avi.exe, jpg.exe and so on.

Valentin N

It is pre-installed Office 2010 Starter (which is creating secured partition Q:, where CIS cannot access), by HP, so it isn´t malware. This was the only solution to make the printer visible for Word and Excel.

And the god right is only for word.exe and excel.exe from Q drive.

I had the printing problem with Word Starter and solved it including CVH.exe (located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\Virtualization Handler) in Defence+ Settings - Execution Control Settings - Exclusions.

I have printing network problems too.

For me this doesn’t work:

But word can see the printer adding


in Defence+ Settings → Execution Control Settings → Exclusions

But I can’t print, if sandbox is enabled.
Works if defence+ level is on “clean pc”

Same thing is happening to a friend with Office Starter. No amount of playing around prevents files from being sandboxed which results in the inability to print.

As Office Starter is preloaded on many computers currently, this issue may bar many from sticking with CIS. which would be a shame.