Defense +/Computer Security Policy . . [RESOLVED]

Having some difficulty with my H/D activity lite being on for long or extended periods of time. Have noticed when running a scan on my system using my anti-virus software there seems to be lots of activity with my H/D and much memory is being used. How would I go about giving my anti-virus software a bit more freedom and not monitoring it’s activity when doing a scan, as well as the Real Time monitor?

While I’m in this area, why are there BLANK lines in the ‘Defense +’ > Computer Security Policy listings?

What anti virus are you using? I use Avira Premium and Comodo doesn’t stop it from scanning. Not sure I understand your problem and how Comodo is related to it. Can you post a screen shot of what you mean by blank lines?

I have also noticed this.
The blank lines may be due to programs which you have uninstalled.
If you hit Purge and the blank lines go away, you can be fairly sure that this was the case.
(At least this is what I have observed).


First of all, to all that have responded, a very LARGE “Thank you!.”


Most of my Security software is in my Sig. not all because most Forums have a restriction on the amount of info that can be placed there. Just to also let you know, Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic v8.xx.xx updated as often as possible. I am not on the web all of the time.

Not being a Techy or very wise on how to use my system, what is meant by “Blank lines” is in the CFP/Defense +/Advanced/Computer Security Policy in the first items listed there are two lines that have NO entry for ‘Application Name’ yet under ‘Treat as’ one is ‘Custom Policy’ the other is ‘Installer or Updater’.

Now my AV is NOT stopping a scan just takes a very long time some of the time. I had one that ran for 5 hours and 30 min. the next one took 3 hours and 15 min. There have been times when my H/D activity lite will just flicker never goes out for as long as I have my system up after doing a AV scan or even my SBS&D scan. After a reboot it seems all is back to normal until another scan. Also some times when booting up it may take from 15 min. to 25 or 30 min. before the activity lite stops flashing or slows.

This last activity seems to be the HIPS portion of CFP that is monitoring some of the files of programs that probably should be “Trusted Applications” in the afore mentioned area of CFP Defense +. I have made some adjustments in that area to release my AV software from being so closely monitored. There have been others that have posted on the Avira Forums asking about similar problems. If this is OK with you I will post my changes to the CFP Defense + to reduce this problem.


I also thank you for this info, just had not thought of this. Will do your FIX as soon as I am off here.

Thank you for reading my rambling Posty Toaster,

There are several post about Avira and I post a screen shot of all the files you need to have in D+ to make Avira work. Your sig is hard to read and should be spaced out. If you simpky go into Avira scan setting you can change the priority of the scanner to high or normal. Scan with Avira on both my drivers takes about 2.5 hours. When you have blank item in D+ I do not know.Where is the screen shot? Are you using Windowblinds? No reasons to change D+ to make Avira work.

See my screen shots in reply #6. I never had to modify D+ to make anything work.

Some of what you have provided may help when using the web like for updates of vdf files or even the main program. The scan of my system should not have anything to do with the web, that is why I made the changes to Defense + because that is monitoring files on my system and this change has reduced that activity to a very low amount.

As a matter of FACT I just started a scan of my system from within the Control Center to do a complete system scan and am also presently doing this message at the same time. I also have my Priority for all scans set to low even when doing a scan off-line and they ususally take about 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on the amount of my activity on my system. Most of the time my system is left idle while running the scan, as now it is running with me on the web for testing purposes. Will do another after I do some of my other work on my system OFF-LINE and my system idle. Will report back later.

Thank you for reading my Toaster postie,

I still fail to see how this is a Comodo problem. Seems like you have an AVira problem to me. And no the D+ entries are not just for the updater. They are for everything related to Avira.

I am NOT saying this is a Comodo problem, don’t get me wrong, you seem to think this is an argument and it is NOT. Simply giving some info that I have discovered about the HIPS (Defense +) portion of Comodo to allow some programs that are TRUSTED to run without any monitoring, to reduce the amount of H/D activity. At this time my scan is underway with very little H/D lite activity where before making that adjustment to Defense + the lite was ON just about all of the time.

Are not these features there for us to make adjustments to what is done by CFP and when there is an item that should not be so heavly monitored to adjust it for better performance? That is all I am interested in and want to share what I have learned.

You are assuming I am good with doing screen shots and posting them which is not the case. I am just a simple USER with much curiosity and like to learn as much as possible about MY system and share this information.

I send my apologies for my sig being difficult to read, am just attempting to provide as much info on my system as possible in as small an area as I can use. Doing the space thingy in the sig has run me over the limit of some of the forums I am a member of and am just attempting to standardize my sig.

Also do not misunderstand me when it comes to security of my system. I am very comfortable with what I have and do not plan on changing anything, until someone comes out with some software that is better and I do not trust any other as much as Comodo, Avira, SBS&D, DiamondCS, SANS, SysInternals and there are more but that is enough to let you know Comodo is at the TOP of the list, not implying the others are any less trusted. Also to give you a little background on my prior activity, 1983 I was promoted to a position within the PMEL (Precision Measurement Laboratory) for calibration of test equipment with the U.S. Air Force at Kelly AFB, Texas and was given the task of Managing the TASK O/S PAMS for keeping track of all of the 75,000 items that were calibrated/repaired by our Lab. Responsible for the security of the system as well as installing and setting up all accesses needed. I am very security minded and have twin noids also known as “PARANOID” and watch what goes on with my system at all times. What I learned from operating the TASK O/S was transfered to DOS O/Ss and we started using Windows in about 1985.

Enough of this, if I am WRONG in any information I have provided on the settings for Defense + then let me know what is wrong.

In your posting of those screen shots you are setting things in “Network Security Policy” / “Application Rules” which is not having anything to do with a scan of my system. That is what I have seen from your screen shot, the only thing that is there that would effect my situation is the second screen shot that is no the “Computer Security Policy” and that is where I have set my ‘avgnt.exe’ to “Trusted Application” and 'avguard.exe also “Trusted Application”. The activity lite on my H/D has been normal, not on all of the time, and has been running with the scan by AAV for 1 hour and 15 min. and is 94% complete, which is faster than it has ever done before. Just checked and at 95.5% and using only 1hour 16 min.

Edited by NTxLS> Just to give you a little more info, with about 80 gig in three H/Ds this scan set to Priority LOW and on the web and my Defense + set as mentioned before the Scan has taken about 1 hour and 34 min. to complete.

The End, and I do thank you for this discussion and I also stand behind my decision,

I am not arguing at all. Also no need to write a book every time you post.There are several free screen shot programs to download.Keep in mind your pc is very old and 512 ram isn’t much when your trying to run so many programs in the background. Hence more hard drive activity. Up your ram to 1 gig and you will see a 100% increase in speed.


Thank you very much for this info, when you have no other way of doing things than use old systems and old software to accomplish what we need to or want to do this is all I have. About 12 dead systems that have had parts removed to make one that is the best I can have.

As for a writing a book, as you can tell that is NOT in my area of expertise, rambling books maybe.

As for the posting of screen shots, I did that once about 5 or 6 months ago and like mentioned, not an Expert on these systems just a user.

Thank you again for reading and providing the assistance we Users need,

Go into Task Manager, Performance tab (on XP). Look at Commit Charge. Note the Total. This is how much memory your system is using now. Also look at Peak, which is the highest amount of memory used during the session. Now look at how much Total memory you have in Physical Memory. If the amount of memory you are using is above the amount of physical memory you have, then your system is using the hard disk to compensate for your lack of enough physical memory, and the hard disk swaps will indeed slow your system down.


Thank you for the instructions, I have stumbled into that once a few days ago, need to do it deliberately so I know what is happening. Now I have some information that takes me to what I need to see and look for the information that I want. If this is confusing to you just imagine what it is doing to me. No, really I understand much of what you are providing and will follow your guide. When you are accustomed to using Win98SE/350MgClk/128MbRAM this system is light years ahead, even though it is Light Years behind all others.

The only way I can keep myself, and system, clear of any unwanted and malicious software is to beg for FREE stuff is not what I like doing. There are many of us out here that are retired and wanting to HELP others as well as provide some support for the creators of the needed software, on a fixed income is not the way to do it. Those are my problems and not looking for anyone to solve it for me, just keep this site going and provide what you have been doing and I, for one, will keep promoting your software every chance I have.

Thank you for the guide and I will follow ASAP for that is how I learn,

Up your ram for very cheap here. Only about $50.


Thank you for this info, if and when that much is available to me it shall be done.

If I may make a recommendation to you and anyone else that may read this thread, do not retire, it is not what you think it will be. Keep your job and stay active the end is not very pleasant when you cannot even afford to reach that end.

Thank you for reading my end poster toastie,

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