Defense+ complete freeze in Vista64

Hi, I have encountered a Problem with CIS, namely Defense+

I’m working now for a few month with CIS in Vista64 without a problem, but a few days ago I installed “Boilsoft video joiner” and tried to join 3 .wmv files.

Defense+ asked me if the program is allowed to access explorer when I clicked on open, I said “Yes” and said “Rememer” the fileselector came up and I selected the 3 files, clicked “OK”. The filerequest dialog closed and I got the “busy” mouse pointer, after waiting 15 seconds I tried to click on an other program but I noticed that my explorer was also blocked, “ALT+TAB” was also not working. I then pressed “CTRL+ALT+DEL” hoping to get the taskmanager, but I just got a complete system freeze, so that I had to press the “Reset” button on the PC. I could reproduce this behavior everytime.

I first thought there was a Problem with the joiner software or some Problem with my Windows Installation.
I did a full virus scan and malware scan with malwarebytes Antimalware, and restored my windows to an earlier System restore point, all this didn’t help.

My suspicion that it could be a Defense+ problem came when I encountered the exact same behavior when I tried to open a DVD with the Stereoscopic Movie Player, strange thing is that the nvidia version of the Stereoscopic Player works without a Problem.

When I disable Defense+ in CIS all those programs works without a problem.

I have not yet tried to place those programs in the safe application list. But Defense+ should never cause my system to freeze completely ???

Other question, Is there a way to completely reset the Defense+ Database?

Ok, setting Defense+ in Training mode, testing the apps and setting it back to safe mode, seems to have solved the Problem.

I just don’t understand why it froze my system but didn’t bring a requester asking me for allowing the operation