Defense+ & Comodo BOClean

Hi, I just wanted to know if this is normal behaviour by Defense+ or if its hampering BOClean from doing its job?

As you can see from the screenshot, Defense+ logs BOClean’s actions everytime I start my computer, although I notice there’s no mention of ‘block’ or ‘terminate’, so can I assume that by simply saying ‘Access Memory’ its letting BOClean do its job, but just logging it everytime? I already have BOClean listed as a Trusted Application in both Defense+ and the firewall.

Thanks for your help.

Try this

D+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → Edit (CFP Custom Policy) → Protection Settings → Modify Interprocess Memory Access → Add path to BOCLEAN → hit the Apply button for each window still open. This should get rid of those defense+ messages.


Hi beatnik i think this is just boclean trying to access cfp and defence+ not letting it.Go to defence+, view active process list and you should see boclean as running.

Regards Matty

Hi beatnik

I would be interested to know if adric’s fix helped you get rid of the logging. If so it can be a help to others with the same problem.


‘There are no items to show’ in Defense+ Events today, and BOClean seems to be working fine. Thanks adric. :slight_smile:

first of all, hi there (:WAV)

im sry to say that adrics tip doesnt work for me. (:SAD)

I`m looking forward for some solutions to this problem in other threads.


The tip is just for this one specific case. I will assume you are having other problems with BOCLEAN.
A thread you can look at is: