Defense +/Clean Mode

I have Defense + set to"clean PC mode"
Should i leave it like that or change to “safe mode” after a few Weeks?

It all depends on personal preference.

Clean PC mode will tend to build up quite the pending files list over time as it sees more and more unfamiliar applications.

Safe Mode on the other hand doesn’t accumulate any pending files.

I personally prefer Safe Mode, but I know there are those that prefer the Clean PC or even Paranoid modes. Just try them out and see which works best for you.

I am using "clean PC mode"because there is a popup,rundll 32,that i can’t get rid of no matter what i do and it it is beginning to make me very annoyed.
Against that there are “pending files” with “clean PC mode” which are also very annoying.
So i am trying to find a happy medium.
I think on the whole i prefer “safe mode” popup and all.
Thanks for your interest