Defense+ can't seem to unblock program

[s]I accidentally block a program from running and now I can’t seem to unblock it. It’s just a simple .exe file that in my Programs (x86) folder (running Win7 Pro).

I tried going through DEFENSE+ → ADVANCED → COMPUTER SECURITY POLICY and the program is NOT listed. I even removed all the other programs on there (outside of the Windows system items).

The program will run fine if I disable Defense+.

I also checked the Event Log and found that when I click on the application (or a shortcut to that app), the event entry I get is as follows:

Application = C:\Windows\explorer.exe
Action = Create Process
Target = C:\Program Files (x86)\Program\Program.exe

When I saw that, I thought that “explorer.exe” might have some sort of block on it specific to running the program that I blocked but I can’t find a associated entry in COMPUTER SECURITY POLICY.

Any help? TIA…also, it would be really helpful if the program could just give a MODIFIABLE list of BLOCKED programs (both on the Firewall side and the Defense+ side)[/s]

OK, I found the solution myself. I’ll post it here in case someone else get into the same situation.

First off, WOW, what a clusterf*ck of an interface. You guys really need to simplify your interface. Ok, so I found an entry called “%windir%\explorer.exe”. I had seen this earlier and clicked on it and even clicked on “Access Rights” but didn’t see anything related to my program (which is why I said I didn’t find an “associated” entry in my initial posting). HOWEVER, what I found is that you have to go deeper. After clicking on “Access Rights”, I clicked on the “Modify” button next to “Run an executable” entry. In THAT window, click on the “Blocked Applications” tab and that’s where I found my program.

Why it’s listed in there instead of in the top most window (“Computer Security Policy”) is just plain dumb. I understand the logic that “explorer.exe” is being blocked from running “program.exe” but when a user accidentally blocks a program, they expect to find “program” to be blocked…again, you guys really need to work on the interface because it’s not intuitive.