Defense+ can speed up your PC

I have a small vista laptop by Acer which has been running very slowly using the whole CPU.

There were far too many running processes, a lot added by Acer, but I was reluctant to uninstall their programs in case something there was needed and I didn’t know how to reinstall apart from using system restore.

I have now added 12 Acer processes to ‘My Blocked Files’ in Defense+ and the computer runs real fast since then. If I need anything I can allow access to it again, but so far there is nothing I need.


One of the reasons I promised myself to never buy an Acer laptop.

My previous ex-housemates were a pair of sisters with Acer laptops. On average I’ve had to fix system problems for them once every three months, and more often than not it was the amount of gunk that Acer pre-loads on those machines that was the cause of them problem.


There is a useful freeware tool to get rid of this useless stuff called PC decrapifier: .

I wouldn’t have thought to use D+ in this fashion but it surely works. I have seen a test where this method was used to help getting rid of malware.

I usually use Spybot to disable the autostarts and when needed I use Autoruns or Hijack Free/

errr,can’t we just delete/untick the startup items using CCleaner or CRC ???

u can always use some microsoft vista DVD to reinstall a clean system free of all those things added by most of OEM PCs builders. if u had some preinstalled vista so your bios got data (slic) to activate your system with acer license file and the oem key that match with the version of vista u install. the good point is u dont need any online activation, once u activate vista the oem way, u can forget the online vista protection, it’s disabled cause u got an OEM machine with a bios that allows offline vista activation.
or u can use the key acer sticked under your laptop but this time u’ll have to activate online.
the key sticked under your machine is not the same used by acer to install vista on your machine, they have no time to activate online each machine that’s why all OEM use this bios activation, all OEM machines with vista installed got a bios with SLIC data, license file and oem key, if all match, vista is automatically activated.
if u want to check if u got those infos in your bios, use everest, go to motherboard then ACPI and look for SLIC.
then u’ll need acer.xrm-ms license file and the oem key. use keyfinder to get the key on your system, it’s the OEM one, it’s not the same sticked under your laptop, it’s the acer one for your vista version.
good luck, u’ll find any infos u need in google.

Hi Ailef,

That all seems a bit complicated for me and presumably it’s too late now anyway, as I would not want to have to reinstall everything on there.

I think all the Acer stuff can be uninstalled via add & remove once I am sure it is not needed. I may just leave it as it is now, as it runs so well. The running processes are down from the 70s to 49 since I started slimming it down.

I’ve seen exactly the same on my mom’s brand new Acer PC, with Vista. However, I uninstalled some Acer programs, and the others I disabled from startup - except some Acer Recovery service. The PC actually came without recovery CD:s so I’d better leave everything that’s recovery-related. As far as I can remember, there are about 50 processes now.


My Daughters Acer laptop has a hidden partition with the restore data (back to factory settings) this hidden partition replaces the need for a recovery disk. I recently had to do a re-install for her and because I had moved all her documents to the “data” partition that comes with an Acer laptop all I had to do was reinstall a few extra programs (Comodo etc.) and “repoint” the my documents to her untouched Data files this also had a copy of her user settings so her desktop etc were restored too.

Check your PM Nev :slight_smile:


yes it seems a little complicated but it’s not at all.
i can’t give more infos about this method as i don’t want to help people installing some other vista than the one they have the right to install with the license sticked on the machine.

Acer is poor at recovery… If you uninstall acer e-recovery you lost. You have a option to make a system default restore CD, but you still need e-recovery to make the cd work. (I noticed this when I installed ubuntu, and the hard disk did not have space too dual boot…)